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Traditional Irish Music Sessions

From time to time there are regular weekly, bi-monthly sessions and/or monthly around Lucan in some of the local establishments. We will list them here when we become aware of them.


The branch also host occasional sessions for adults, usually Lucan Sarfields GAA Club.


We also host, from time to time, an adult "slow session", where adult intermediate musicians can enjoy playing their tunes at a slower pace and in a more relaxed and less public setting.  These are often after our Junior Slow Session in Lucan Sarfields GAA Club.

Our next Trad Session

 Due to Covid restrictions there are no sessions organised for the foreseeable future.

For information on Junior sessions click above

“Slow Session”


The branch is hosting our first  slow session of the year on Sunday 27th Jan between 4pm and 6pm in Lucan Sarsfield’s GAA Club.

The slow session is a great opportunity for all members to play their tunes at their own pace accompanied by other instruments. It is teacher led and helps boost confidence in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  It promotes playing in a group, fosters new friendships and develops their skills further.  It is also free.

We encourage all members from every class to come and join us this Sunday because this Sunday we wish to have a brainstorming session with a view to improving the session for all concerned.. Beginners at 4pm and more experienced at 5pm.

We will begin with our most junior musicians where they get to play some of the most basic tunes that they have learned. Suitable for  very early beginners in any instrument.

We then progress to the more advanced beginner ond onto to the intermediates and advanced musicians.

Dancers and singers, whether beginner or experienced are also welcome.

Families are always welcome to either participate or simply listen and enjoy.

It's open to non-members.

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