The branch offers classes in the following disciplines:

                                                                                                  Places available

Tin whistle (see discounts)                                     

25% discounted class (see terms and conditions)    7.10pm      2 places available

25% discounted class (see terms and conditions)    6.30pm      1 place available

Beginner 2 class (one year done)                             7.10pm      1 place available

Beginner 2/Intermediate (can do music group)         7.50pm      1 place available


Beginner 1 (rental available)                                   7.10pm     2 places available

Intermediate 1                                                            7.50pm     1 place available

Intermediate 3/ Advanced                                       6.30pm      1 place available


Beginner 2 (improver)                                              7.50pm      2 places available

Beginner 1 Adults    (TBC)                                        8.30pm      2 places available

Beginner 1 kids                                                         7.10pm       2 places available


Intermediate                                                             7.50pm        1 place available

Otherwise full but taking names for 6.30pm class


Beginner 1 (rental available)   (Adults)                     7.10pm       2 places available

Button Accordion  

Beginner 1     (Adults)                                              7.10pm        2 places available

Beginner 2                                                               6.30pm         0 place available

Intermediate                                                             7.50pm         1 place available

Fiddle  (see discounts 

25% discounted class                                               7.10pm        1 place available

Beginner 2                                                                  6.30pm        1 place available

Beginner 2/Inter1 (can do music group)              7.50pm        1 place available


Full (taking names for a 6.30pm class) Adults or Children

Piano accordion (see discounts) 

25% discounted class Beginner 1                          7.10pm        1 place available

25% discounted class Beginner 2                          7.50pm       2 places available


Beginner 1 or 2                                                          6.30pm      0 places available

Taking names for 7.50pm class

Céilí Band Drumming

Pre-instrumental classes  (See discounts)             6.30pm        2 places available

Céilí Dancing (to be confirmed) Not on Wednesdays, Location to be found. Names being taken

Grúpaí Cheoil (music groups).  3 levels. Participation in classes is not necessary as you can just do the group.

A Pre Instrumental Class for Senior/junior infants only. 

"Grúpa Cheoil" (music group) and Céilí Band class      Places available

                                                                            U12's & U15's at 7.10pm

                                                                            Senior/U18's at  8.30pm

All classes are subject to demand and require a minimum class size.   All casses also have a maximum size.  (between 2 and 6 generally, with stringed instrument classes kept smaller particulary in the beginner classes).


All classes are currently held on a Wednesday night in Gaelscoil Naomh Pádraig, Castle Road, Lucan.


All levels catered for.


Adult Classes in all disciplines are available, subject to demand. Some classes may be mixed.

Participation in "Grúpa Cheoil" and Céilí Band is not dependant on participation in Classes.

All participants in classes must be members of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann.

Grúpa cheoil (music group) is free for those participating in clasess and is available to everyone in levels above beginner 1. (Adult group is subject to demand).

All classes are 40 min in duration

(except where there are less than 4 in a class).

Music groups are also 40 min in duration.

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