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Junior or "Slow Sessions"

No Sessions planned during Covid restrictions

These sessions are designed for the beginner to intermedate learner of traditional Irish music, and conducted by two of our teachers and supervised by at least one committee member. 

As long as you can play a tune or two you are welcome.  Play your tune at your pace and those that know it will join in at that pace.  


Everyone is welcome,  even our pre-instrumental students come.  You don't have to be taking classes in the branch or be a member.


And it's free.


The first hour is for novices (pre-instrumental to one or two years of class experience).  The second hour is given over to the more intermediate musicians (2 years or more experience).


It is a fantastic way to get used to playing with other musicians and other instruments as a precurser to joining a grúpa cheoil.

The Slow, or Junior Sessions, are held 6 or 7 times a year from September to November and from January through to June, usually monthly.


There are traditionally held in Lucan Sarsfields GAA Club on a Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm. 


Adult slow sessions often follow at 6pm but are not led by a teacher.


These Slow Sessions are a great opportunity for families to relax and enjoy listening to the fruits of their child's efforts in an enjoyable, sociable and fun atmosphere.


It is also the perfect place for students of "trad" to emerse themselves in the nuances of Irish music and familiarise themselve's with tunes and songs, new and old.  They will also become familiar with other instruments and may well even learn how to play them.


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